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  • Phone or video conference consultation about your energy use;
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  • All at no cost to you.
Average energy bill savings for homes in Atherton is $2,000 per year

What is HomeIntel?

HomeIntel is a FREE home energy optimization program offered by Home Energy Analytics for PG&E customers.

HomeIntel helps identify the highest impact savings opportunities, allowing you to save money and start smart on home electrification plans.

Your savings, your way!

As an Atherton resident you can choose to use our FREE phone or in-home concierge service, or monitor your home's energy use and save through our online portal. Or even better: do both.

Free Concierge Consultation

Confer with your HomeIntel energy consultant over email, phone or on-site to uncover savings opportunities, build an overview plan for home electrification and clarify and plan for remaining electric panel capacity. You will receive a customized plan to lower energy use in your home.

Self-Help Center

See your home's energy profile and uncover common issues that may be wasting energy. Also, build your own overview plan for home electrification, clarify and plan for remaining electric panel capacity, and receive online savings recommendations and an electrification report to share with contractors.

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