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Lower your energy bill with HomeIntel services at no cost to you.
Provide Building Efficiency access to your HomeIntel analysis so they can help you electrify*

*By signing up using this form you authorize HEA to share your energy analysis with Building Efficiency; they will use your data ONLY as it relates to assessing your home for electrification.

What You Get

HomeIntel creates a custom plan and provides coaching to reduce wasted energy in your home.

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Online energy analysis account based on smart meter analysis

Custom Steps
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Custom recommendations based on your home's unique energy profile

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Personal energy coach for email, phone and in-home consultations

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Reports updated monthly to track your progress

What Customers Are Saying

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$500 a year for my fridge in the garage...$1,000 a year for my pool pump! I couldn't believe how much these things were costing me.

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It's so cool to visually see our energy use, and everything is laid out really clearly, plus the process was super easy. I look forward to going through everything with you.

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I hate waste and thought I was being efficient, so was surprised to see how bad I was in certain categories. I'm glad to be reducing my carbon footprint.

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