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Lower your energy bill with HomeIntel services at no cost to you.


  Discover new ways to save with HomeIntel, an energy efficiency program now provided at no cost for PG&E customers.


Eligibility:  Free to all PG&E and Community Choice Energy customers who have 12 months of smart meter data.

  What You Get

HomeIntel creates a custom plan and provides coaching to reduce wasted energy in your home.

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Online energy analysis account based on smart meter analysis 

Custom Steps
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Custom recommendations based on your home's unique energy profile 

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Personal energy coach for email, phone and in-home consultations 

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Reports updated monthly to track your progress


For those ready to switch, we can also help assess your home's electrification options.


Previous programs saved 13% of energy on average per home.

"We cut our bill in half and are on track to save over $2,000
after the changes we made with HomeIntel's help."

HomeIntel customer

Their story: This couple has lived in their 3,000sqft home in Stanford, CA for 30 years.

Despite completing HVAC upgrades, they still had high energy use.

Their results: Saving $220 per month and over $2,500 annually.

Chart showing 50% decrease in combined electric and gas bills in just two months

The customer above found 4 Energy Hogs using HomeIntel.

Image of a small electric heater

 (1)  Old baseboard heaters costing $100 per month

Image of a hot water recirculation pump

(2)  Continuous hot water recirculation pump costing $50 per month

Image of a wine cooler

(3)  20 year old wine cellar (cooler pictured) costing $120 per month

Image of an instant hot water dispenser

(4)  Instant hot water dispenser under the sink costing $30 per month

Ready to find your home's energy hogs and lower your bill?

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