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Lower your energy bill with HomeIntel services at no cost to you.

PG&E refers to Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a subsidiary of PG&E Corporation. These offerings are funded by California utility customers and administered under the auspices of the California Public Utility Commission. HEA offers energy efficiency programs on behalf of PG&E to its customers.

How It Works

HomeIntel creates a custom plan and provides coaching and feedback to reduce wasted energy in your home.


Smart Audit analyzes your smart meter data to create your home's energy profile.


HomeIntel helps you identify areas of energy waste and how much you can save.


Smart Audit creates your custom waste reduction plan, and an energy coach can help.

Track Your Savings

You make simple fixes, and we send progress emails and help you find more savings.

What Customers Are Saying

$500 a year for my fridge in the garage...$1,000 a year for my pool pump! I couldn't believe how much these things were costing me.

It's so cool to visually see our energy use, and everything is laid out really clearly, plus the process was super easy. I look forward to going through everything with you.

I hate waste and thought I was being efficient, so was surprised to see how bad I was in certain categories. I'm glad to be reducing my carbon footprint.

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